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About SRC

The Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) is a recovery-orientated NCO. We exist to support, represent and connect recovery from problematic substance use in Scotland.

Our vision

Our vision is that Scotland will be a country in recovery from problematic substance use.

Our position

The SRC is an established recovery-orientated thought and practice leader in Scotland, a position that is increasingly recognised across the UK and is growing internationally.

The SRC is an agent of change. We alter the beliefs, practices and policies in our country and the cultures that support the proliferation of addictions in our citizens.

Our ethos

We believe that the whole community can benefit from the experiences and contributions of people and organisations in recovery.

The SRC’s recovery orientation as a charity has led us to develop strong asset based practice in workforce development and training. We are highly experienced in co-production alongside our stakeholders in communities.

Our recovery values have led us to develop new styles of organisational relating, new ways of carrying out the business of the charity that includes an assertive focus away from the problems of addiction towards the benefits that recovery brings to the whole community.

Our lively connections with leading recovery activists in treatment settings, in communities and public life brings us the freshest and most current recovery learning in Scotland and allows us to create new thinking, new tools and new ways of connecting.

We co-create, build and support visible sustainable recovery opportunities in local communities and in our public life.

The SRC Values

The SRC places the lived experience of recovery from addiction at the heart of the organisation.

We know that both respect for the lived experience of recovery from addiction and an understanding of the benefits that recovery can offer is a key transformer for individuals, communities and agencies. This approach is central to our work and forms the core belief system that all SRC employees, trustees and volunteers both believe and support.

Our brand values have developed in line with our recovery-orientated approach and help to frame both our work and our interactions with external organisations and opportunities as they arise. 

  1. The SRC places the lived experience of recovery from addiction as central to our work.
  2. We believe in the importance of two way dialogue and connection to foster change.
  3. Our events and resources are free at the point of delivery.

We want to help Scotland become a country where its the recovery not the addiction that flourishes. 

Every year the SRC has a plan of work, approved by its board of trustees and mainly funded by the Scottish Government. As part of our work planning we have developed a set of standing outcomes for the work we do that link directly to the Scottish Governments national performance framework. We are funded by the Scottish Government because we are an organisation that is helping to achieve these national performance targets.