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"Stigma finds it hard to exist where recovery is present"


Changing Stigma2Respect - a Scotland wide Gathering

Wednesday 02, August 2017

Over the last five years Scotland has been experiencing a much envied growth in communities and groups supporting recovery from addiction. Scotland’s recovery communities represent an enormous asset in the drive to build a more equitable, healthier and happier country.

Supported by the Partnership for Action on Drugs in Scotland (PADS) and the Minister for Public Health and Sport, Ms Aileen Campbell, an historic Recovering Connections event will be held Friday 1st September 2017. This unique event will bring representatives from recovery communities, key influencers, and families together for the first time to explore experiences of stigma. This will be an opportunity to identify challenges, share successes and draw upon lived-experience to set out a collective vision of how we will work together to change stigma to respect.

Public Health Minister, Aileen Campbell said:

‘I am proud of Scotland’s achievement in growing the visibility of recovery in our communities, backed by our drugs strategy, the Road to Recovery. In refreshing this strategy I am clear that the shift from stigma to respect must be central to our thinking. It is fantastic that we are supporting this first gathering of Scotland’s recovery groups and communities which we recognise as being a tremendous asset and who can be instrumental in assisting us in the development of this work.’

Celia Tennant, Chief Executive, Inspiring Scotland said:

‘I’m delighted as Chair of the Communities Group of PADS to be supporting the Recovering Connections event. Over the past 12 months we have heard first hand of the harrowing experiences of people and their families subjected to stigmatising behaviours and beliefs. We’re committed to changing this situation, along with so many others, and the event will be a critical step in our collective understanding of stigma and importantly allow us together to recommend and take actions to fundamentally challenge the status quo.’

Kuladharini, Chief Executive, Scottish Recovery Consortium said:

‘Changing Stigma2Respect is an action for all if Scotland is to reduce its drug deaths and build greater recovery from addiction in its communities. The Scottish Recovery Consortium is grateful to be part of this work. Making a country where all citizens flourish and have the resilience to bear with the vagaries of modern life needs the active support of every strand of life in Scotland. Bringing together the emerging recovery communities in Scotland with key influencers at this Recovering Connections event is a landmark step in the process of change.’

Justina Murray, CEO, Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs said:

‘Scottish Families is delighted to be supporting the Recovering Connections event. We know that the stigma of alcohol and drug addiction is not only experienced by the individual but also by the wider family. This can prevent families from seeking much-needed support in their own right, and reduce their opportunity to work positively alongside treatment services and recovery communities. We warmly welcome the opportunity at this event for families to join forces with recovery communities and other influencers to share experiences and move forward together.’

What can you do to influence change?

  1. Share this message with your contacts and networks to let people know what is happening. 
  2. Join in the countdown to the event, share your support online and follow the day via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram with #Stigma2Respect 
  3. Click here to join the movement online and show your respect for recovery whilst marking the start of recovery month. 
  4. Share your support using the suggested tweets below:
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  • ‘No to Stigma, Respect for Recovery’ #Stigma2Respect 


Recovering Connections will take place at the Tramway in Glasgow on Friday, 1st September

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